Mark Buckingham

Chartered Physiotherapist with 25 years of experience and specialist qualifications in the treatment of general musculoskeletal patients as well as and elite sports persons and their injuries.

  • Experienced in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. This is from the acute onset to end stage rehabilitation, returning to play or work.
  • Experienced in Medico-legal report writing, including preliminary views, full reports, short form reports and joint statements.
  • Bond Solon training in report writing and cross examination / court procedure.
  • Comfortable attending meetings with barristers and solicitors.
  • Several court appearances as an expert witness.
  • Currently around 60 : 40 Claimant : Defendant work split.
  • Typical report turn around time of 4-6 weeks.
  • Usually working on 4-5 cases at any one time.
  • Owner and director of Witty, Pask and Buckingham Physiotherapy Clinic. A large musculoskeletal Physiotherapy practice specialising in Sports Injury Rehabilitation, particularly in elite sport.

Background in brief

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Sports Physiotherapy

With his daily work with athletes, sportspeople and dancers Mark has huge experience in the treatment of lower limb injuries such as anterior cruciate ligaments, Achilles Tendinopathy, fractures, sprains and strains, overuse injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

For a full list of conditions Mark has particular experience in please see below.

Mark has consulted for British Athletics and taken positions as Team Physiotherapist for numerous competitions since 1997.

In 1999 Mark was asked to establish the Physiotherapy department for UK Athletics at Britain’s first High Performance Centre for Athletics at Loughborough University. This post Mark held through the Sydney 2000 Olympic cycle and then merged with the role as Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for the newly emerging English Institute of Sport at Loughborough University.

After the Athens 2004 Olympic Games cycle Mark resigned to further concentrate on his Private Practice and his young family by reducing the travel commitments.

Mark continues to act as a consultant for British Athletics.

In 1995 Mark took up a post to develop the Sports/Dance Medicine service at Tring Park in Tring. The School has an enviable International reputation for the care of its Dancers and its long Association with the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

Private Practice Physiotherapy

Witty, Pask and Buckingham Physiotherapy Practice has been developed by Mark and Phil Pask. Phil has been the England Rugby Senior Physiotherapist since 1996 and has been part of the last three British and Irish Lions Tours. Such a combination of pedigree has established a practice which prides itself on clinical excellence and integrity. It currently has 15 Physiotherapists working alongside two massage therapists, two pilates teachers and several podiatrists, dieticians, and an Alexander teacher.

In 2010 the practice joined forces with two highly regarded Orthopaedic Surgeons, Prof Bill Ribbans and Mr David Stock to produce a clinical setting where the best Sports and Orthopaedic Medical care could be provided.

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Areas of Expertise – including but not exclusive

Achilles Tendon, Haglund’s Deformity, Plantar fascia, toes, Metatarsals / Morton’s Neuroma, Lateral and medial ankle pain, sprains, Tibialis Posterior and Peroneal issues, Long Toe Flexor and Sesamoiditis, Posterior ankle pain.

Stress Fractures, Medial Shin Pain, Lateral Shin Pain, Compartment Syndrome, ‘Shin splints’, Calf strains and tears.

Knee, knee cap, medial knee pain, internal issues with the knee, Patella Tendon, Hamstring – mid belly, top into the buttock, bursitis, quads, hip flexors and adductors.

Hip impingement and joint issues. Groin pain and strains and hernia – particularly Sportsman’s Hernia.

Lower back and Pelvis and Sacro Iliac Joint conditions including lumbar spine issues from disc and facet joints and nerve pains into the leg and buttock.

Mid Back, ribs and breathing issues, ‘stitches’ and diaphragm conditions.

Neck and shoulder conditions including spinal issues, whiplash and RTA treatment.

Shoulder conditions including sprains, strains and impingement. Post operative rehabilitation for cuff repair, and capsule stabilisation. Acromio-clavicular and sterno-clavicular conditions.

Upper arm and elbow conditions including tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

Wrist conditions a including carpal tunnel. Finger and hand conditions including sprains, strains and fractures

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